Mechanical locking bolt of gates
so-called active locking system
Extra protection of garage doors

Bezpieczna Brama - Pionier Systemów Ryglowania

Bolt without additional feature of emergency opening


Bolt with additional feature of emergency opening – version with handle


Benefits of use and advantages:

The device is designed for gates with double guide rails for standard 40 mm thick panels, with the possibility of fitting it into other dimensions.
Operating principle
The place of installation of the device is the center of the main panel. An essential element of the mechanism is a small horizontal mobile element, called a bolt. By synchronizing with the drive it becomes additional safeguard, by means of which the gate is all the time closed and locked. The drive itself releases the lock before the start of the opening movement, and after closing the gate re-locks it.
A mechanism for locking the gate is primarily a failure-free design for reliability of the device. Does not need the  interference with the panel – we gain aesthetic appearance and cost savings. Completely safe, efficient and easy both to install and use. This patent is completely new on the market! Such a solution cannot be found in the catalogs of other companies.
Our device has an additional unlocking function of the automatic engine.
In other companies, this element must be bought extra, which is an additional cost, and requires mechanical interference with the panel.
Home Insurance
The use of additional security of locking mechanism of the gates makes it possible to meet the conditions required for home insurance.
We offer this mechanism with a handle or as a stand-alone product.